Blood Donation Saves Lives

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To my beautiful wife Juanicke, I love you so very much.  You are my rock. 

Love, Pumpkin   xoxo

In April of 2013 I got a very serious blood infection called sepsis which later turned into septic shock. During the early parts of my hospital stay I was induced into a coma, my liver and kidneys failed and multiple surgeries were needed.  My condition turned to the worst when my liver bled out creating a need for immediate blood, a mass transfusion kit was ordered.  My liver had to be packed because it had turned into a jelly substance and my room was turned into the operating room because there was no time to move me.  I ended up taking on 77 units of blood, a combination of red blood cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate.  Doctors had to inform my wife and parents that I had 10% chance to pull though and that they had done all that they could, now they needed me to do just a little.  Magic was created, the prayers answered and the moons aligned for me to still be here.  I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support my family and I received.  I was in the hospital for 32 days and then rehab for another 2 weeks.  The outpouring of support was overwhelming, yet welcoming.  The stories my wife and parents told me about the support brought tears to my eyes.  The Team Ray Fund was the most difficult gift I've ever received, but it did allow us to pay our hospital bills and helped start this little campaign called RaysUp! (Thank you Shaun for setting it up, and thank you to everyone who donated)  I will promise all of my supporters that I will take the passion and energy you offered to me and I will continue to pay it forward through this RaysUp campaign.  Having blood available when needed wasn't the only thing that saved me, but it was a huge part of it.  I will use this page and the RaysUp facebook page to share my stories and create awareness for the importance of blood donation.  Blood donation saves lives!  RaysUp!!


Blood Donation Saves Lives