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The Dude Under My Bed!

 January 24, 2014 at 10:37pm

For those of you that know me, know that I like a good horror movie. Because of this, I had some messed up dreams while I was in the hospital. Not sure if you read my "rocket ship" story, but I typically flew to many crazy places while sleeping or drifting off. One of the places I flew to was a tribal island. On this tribal island the locals would hide in your mattress and massage your legs for money. Not sure how that worked, but it did. Now back to reality for a minute: So my wife came in to visit and I explained that I was a little upset. I told her that there was a dude under my bed and that he keeps squeezing my legs. She would chuckle a little bit and say there wasn't. I kept telling her that I was serious and I had to take him out - I demanded a stick or a pole to hit him with when he squeezed my legs. Of course she didn't get me a stick, plus I couldn't pick one up anyway. At this time my kidney doctor came in to discuss dialysis. Both my kidneys had failed so we were discussing our options. I wasn't even thinking about my kidneys, I wanted to destroy this guy grabbing my legs! So I told the Doctor about my concerns and he assured me there was no on in my mattress or under my bed. He explained to me that they had to place special socks on my legs. These socks would squeeze my legs to ensure healthy blood flow to prevent blood clots. Of course I didn't believe him. I asked him one more time to look under my bed, he didn't. At this time my wife and the Doctor left my room. From what my wife tells me is that the Doctor was very concerned about my mental status and recommended they take me off of some of my pain medication. My wife looked at the Doctor and told him that I wasn't on any. :)