Blood Donation Saves Lives


Under The Sheets 

January 27, 2014 at 11:01am

At one point my cousin Misty and my wife were having a conversation about tattoos while in my room. My wife had said that I had a newer tattoo on my left calf. She told Misty it was the Queensryche Promised Land Totem with the Tribe Birds flying around it. Naturally Misty and the nurse wanted to see it. So they were trying to pick up my left leg to look at the tattoo. I would say my hamhock is pretty heavy, so they were trying to pick up my leg to check out the tat. Based on my length of stay in the hospital, lets just say 90% of the time I was commando. So as they are trying to lift my leg to get a glimpse, my father walks in. Startled, in a loud concerning voice he asks, "Hey, what are you guys doing!?" Once my wife explained what they were up to, they all had a good laugh. Thanks Dad for having my back from people peeking under the sheets! :)