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Tough Mudder:  The Great Northeast 8/23/2014

First thing I would like to do is thank my amazing team, without them I would not have been able to complete most of these obstacles or finish this course:  Shaun Morrison, Ben Cyr, John Conley, Amy Conley, Eric Deschaines, Matt Doughty, Laura DeVaudreuil, Jeff Matthews, Gerry Brown and Matt Milliard.  This is proof that if you set your mind on a goal and surround yourself with a great people that anything is possible.  Our mission heading into this event was to "Cross the finish line together"  and that is exactly what we did!!  A little over a year ago I was learning to walk again in rehab, and this year we completed a Tough Mudder event!!  This experience/achievement is something that I will never forget, I am thankful to be able to share it with this phenomenal team!

I would also like to thank our 4 sponsors:  Sevee & Maher Engineers Inc,  Innovations Salon & Spa, Cynthia Veroneau Portside Real Estate Group and Gray Country Day Care & Learning Center Inc.  The sponsorship money went directly to our team jerseys.  We were able to purchase high quality shirts to help with the water and mud!  These jerseys helped keep us cool and minimized the issues we would have had with cotton t-shirts.  Thank you so very much for your sponsorships.