Blood Donation Saves Lives

May 28th 2016:   The 3rd Annual RaysUp blood drive at the Maine Wildlife Park was a huge success!!  We were able to collect 48 units, making our total units 304 given back! 

Nov 11 2015:   The 2nd Annual RaysUp blood drive at the Westbrook Community Center was an amazing success!!  We were able to collect 43 units on a goal of 23!  We ended up getting a 3rd power red machine and had them maxed out all day!  This brings our total units up to 256 units given back!

Dec 30th 2016:   This was our 1st Spirit of Maine blood drive held at the Maine Mall.  We are going to try to build this drive into the largest drive in Maine!  I would like to thank The Maine Mall for the amazing site and Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks for being our corporate sponsor.  We were able to collect 96 units at this drive bringing our total give back units to 400!!

May 30th 2015:   The 2nd Annual RaysUp blood drive at the Maine Wildlife Park was a huge success!!  We were able to collect 55 units!  That was 10 better than goal and 11 better than last year!   This drive helped us hit the 200 mark in units given back!

April 22nd 2015:   We had a blood drive at the Westbrook Community Center and was able to collect 20 units!  Thank you Greg for the space!     

March 6th 2015:   I was able to talk with some juniors and seniors at Gray/New Gloucester HS about the importance of blood donation.  I shared my story and helped generate some energy heading into their blood drive on March 20th.  They ended up having their best blood drive yet, collecting 57 units!!   

Nov 11th 2014:  What an amazing turn out at the Westbrook Community center!  We were able to collect 32 units of blood!  Thank you Greg for allowing us into the center!  This drive helped us reach out first goal of giving back the 77 units that I needed!  

Aug 14th 2014:  5 of us went to Maine Medical Center to donate.  Special thanks to Cyndi for being a 1st time donor on this day!!

While in the hospital I needed 77 units of blood products in order to make it through my battle with sepsis.  Our mission was to give back those 77 units and than keep on paying it forward!! 

May 27th 2014: We had our first RaysUp blood drive at the Maine Wildlife Park and collected 44 units of blood on 66 appointments.

Paying It Forward with Blood Donations!!

The RaysUp campaign has been a part of giving back 400 TOTAL UNITS SO FAR!

This is the page that I will keep the up to date blood donation totals from the RaysUp campaign! I will also post our future blood drives on this page.  We are starting to have people/business' reach out to us to facilitate blood drives!  Thank you everyone for your continued support for blood donation and the RaysUp Campaign!!